Friday, August 22, 2014
Becoming a Grandparent

Congratulations! You’re a grandparent or soon to become one. Although this transition is less challenging than becoming a parent, it does have its challenges—and joys. The checklist to the left will help you make the most of your grand-parenting years.

Adjust to Your New Role

Hard to believe, but you’re a grandparent or will be soon. Get ready for some rollercoaster emotions—and the time of your life.

How can your child be a parent? Weren’t you changing diapers just a few years ago? Welcome to the wonderful world of grandparenting, where you’ll forge new relationships with your children, your grandchildren, and the world around you.

Becoming a Grandparent

You're going to be a grandparent! The announcement comes in many different ways. It may be a phone call, or an e-mail, or a surprise visit. You may hear it at home, or in the office, or during dinner in a restaurant. However the news arrives, one thing is certain: Nothing will ever be the same again.

For most of us, news of a grandchild's impending arrival couldn't be happier. The thought of a new baby in the family is enough to send us into a dizzying array of emotions, ranging from joy, anticipation, and satisfaction to anxiety, sadness, and uncertainty. Like other major events in our lives, no single emotion fits the bill. How could it? The arrival of a grandchild signals the beginning of a new generation in a family. We are growing older. Life no longer stretches endlessly ahead of us. It is the price we pay for the joy of becoming grandparents. And it's a bargain.

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