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Are you single or married? Are you young, middle-age or nearing retirement? Do you have children? It's easy to see how everyone has different and specific insurance needs they want to satisfy.

These 2 helpful links allow you to find a medical package that best for you:

When do I need to make a decision?

To avoid gaps in coverage, you must apply for and purchase a new policy through the exchange (or your local broker), during the annual 2018 Open Enrollment Period, that runs from November 1, 2017 to December 15, 2017.

If you have any questions, you may contact Mercer at 800-551-3053 or MNSURE at 855-366-7873 or visit their website at

**Medicare’s Annual Open Enrollment Period is October 15th – December, 7th. has Medicare supplemental plan options that may be right for you. Please click here or call 800-551-3053.**


If you are a small employer with at least one “common law” employee, who is not an owner, spouse or domestic partner, you may be eligible for an Employer Group Health Plan. In addition to the owner(s), partner(s) or corporate officer(s), the employee must receive a W-2 employee and work full-time to be eligible for group health insurance.

To obtain more information on plan offering, rates and a quote for group health insurance, please contact Digital Insurance directly at 770-250-2900 online at


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